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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Toxic Dragon-CloneFemale/Australia Group :iconexpandrillis: Expandrillis
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Protect (Ozzie,Coatala,Gurp,Wyngro,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Protect (Ozzie,Coatala,Gurp,Wyngro,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 12 0 I Am Gro (Toxy,Wyngro,Punsheen,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover I Am Gro (Toxy,Wyngro,Punsheen,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 14 2 Owned Trio (Swallow,Pandorica,Thorn,LostColony) by Spyrofan00lover Owned Trio (Swallow,Pandorica,Thorn,LostColony) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 3 0 Hey! (Toxic,Sox,Punsheen,Cats,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Hey! (Toxic,Sox,Punsheen,Cats,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 6 2 Opposites (Bramble,Swallow,LostColony,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Opposites (Bramble,Swallow,LostColony,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 4 4 Pose (Aqua,Devidae,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Pose (Aqua,Devidae,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 4 0 Swim! (Aqua,Devidae,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Swim! (Aqua,Devidae,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 4 0 Phoenix (Devidae,Approval,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Phoenix (Devidae,Approval,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 3 0 Shadow (Toxy,Wyngro,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Shadow (Toxy,Wyngro,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 4 0 Caught It! (Toxy,Wyngro,Pounce,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Caught It! (Toxy,Wyngro,Pounce,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 17 0 Boop! (Ozzie,Kiph,Wyngro,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Boop! (Ozzie,Kiph,Wyngro,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 12 2 Fluff Butt (Ozzie,Wyngro,LTO,Transparent) by Spyrofan00lover Fluff Butt (Ozzie,Wyngro,LTO,Transparent) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 9 0 Anger (Ozzie,Wyngro,RLD) by Spyrofan00lover Anger (Ozzie,Wyngro,RLD) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 2 0 Bundle Of Kids (Wyngro,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover Bundle Of Kids (Wyngro,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 11 12 New Eyes (Ozzie,Kiph,Wyngro,Photoshop) by Spyrofan00lover New Eyes (Ozzie,Kiph,Wyngro,Photoshop) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 13 6 Imposing (Ozzie,Scorpio,Wyngro,LTO,Transparent) by Spyrofan00lover Imposing (Ozzie,Scorpio,Wyngro,LTO,Transparent) :iconspyrofan00lover:Spyrofan00lover 10 4


The way by xKingBadWolf The way :iconxkingbadwolf:xKingBadWolf 2 0 [WYNGRO] - Doodling by Kodiyak [WYNGRO] - Doodling :iconkodiyak:Kodiyak 21 3 Fiala by CoUmbi Fiala :iconcoumbi:CoUmbi 10 2 The safest he'll ever feel by zarla The safest he'll ever feel :iconzarla:zarla 1,033 141 Jazpii by Miiroku Jazpii :iconmiiroku:Miiroku 57 1 My Own Little World by Epic-Starzz My Own Little World :iconepic-starzz:Epic-Starzz 107 5 #033 - Wheel-O-Wisp by Tinuvion #033 - Wheel-O-Wisp :icontinuvion:Tinuvion 14 0 .:Gift:.I miss you by CyaneWorks .:Gift:.I miss you :iconcyaneworks:CyaneWorks 118 118 hero/villain meme-- ducktail by Splair hero/villain meme-- ducktail :iconsplair:Splair 10 1 it has to go by Splair it has to go :iconsplair:Splair 12 4 .: LC :. gibe de feathers b0ss by AdderTheCat .: LC :. gibe de feathers b0ss :iconadderthecat:AdderTheCat 3 1 its a celebration by Splair its a celebration :iconsplair:Splair 19 1 where are you? by Splair where are you? :iconsplair:Splair 22 2 Thing by iguancheg Thing :iconiguancheg:iguancheg 15 7 [Basic Fire] Dramatic Cooling by Vaylore [Basic Fire] Dramatic Cooling :iconvaylore:Vaylore 70 2




Spyrofan00lover's Profile Picture
Toxic Dragon-Clone
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Skill doesn't always define art, passion and meaning is what mostly makes art great. Everyone improves overtime. A really bad artist may become an amazing artist, you never know.

Main OC: Toxic Dragon-Clone
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer
Sexuality: Pansexual?
Disabilities: Sensory Processing disorder and Asperger's Syndrome
Relationship Status: In A Relationship
Relationship Type: Hetero
Relationship Length: 1 year and 9 months
Type Of Laptop: Macbook Air
Programs Used For Art (Digital): Paintbrush and Photoshop
Tool For Art: Trackpad (For Digital), Pencils, Pens, Copic Markers and Printer Paper
Current Cosplay Outfits: Sans (W.I.P), Wendigo (W.I.P) and The 11th Doctor
Ultimate Favourite Games: Undertale and Overwatch
Number of Times Played (Undertale): 7
Overwatch Level: 111 (PC) and 9 (Console)
Overwatch SR: 1898 (SILVER)
Main Character (Overwatch): Junkrat/Mercy (PC)
Favourite Video Game Characters: Sans, Spyro, Junkrat or Sonic
Ultimate Favourite TV Series: Doctor Who
Favorite TV Show Character: The Doctor
Series watched (Doctor Who): Most of modern, some of the old series
Favourite Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (COMPLETED VIEWING)
Favourite Anime Character: Joseph Joestar
Favourite Book: Warrior Cats
Favourite Book Character: Greystripe or Scourge

Wyns Total: 246 Wyn by Wyngrew
Feathers Total: 160 Feather Bullet FTU by OwlKhat
Devits Total: 16 Devit icon by Devidae-resource
Love Magic: 2
Gift Magic: 0

Pokemon Battle Team:

Shiny Palkia by MidnightsShinies Shiny Dialga by MidnightsShinies Black Kyurem by pokemon3dsprites Yveltal by pokemon3dsprites Primal Kyogre by pokemon3dsprites Primal Groudon by pokemon3dsprites

:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsopen: :icongiftsopen:

Ask Toxic site:… (I hardly use Tumblr x3)

Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear Stamp - Flash User by firstfear Stamp - MSPaint User by firstfear Stamp - TrackPad User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear DW Ten Peek Stamp by TwilightProwler DW Eleven Eyes On You Stamp by TwilightProwler DW Flexible Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler DW Eleven What the Hell Stamp by TwilightProwler Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX


Protect (Ozzie,Coatala,Gurp,Wyngro,Photoshop)
Finally finished this pic! It's HUUUUGE!

This Coatala is owned by: Zynonia

Ozzie knew he had stalled too much to find food for some of the gurps he liked to stay with. Their screeches had lowered in consistency and he felt he was now getting somewhere with them. Ozzie felt that they were his only family now, after he fled the Nook in fear of harsh punishments for his bite. He looked around and sighed, noting no bugs for him to catch. Then he heard the screeching of gurps. Ozzie perked his ear nubs and ran over, he skidded to a halt when he saw a brown body knelt over something. It lifted its head and looked towards Ozzie, a gurp dangled in its jaws. Ozzie's heart stopped for a moment, filled with horror, but soon this horror was replaced by anger. Ozzie shrieked in rage, using his powerful hind legs to launch himself into the air. The coatala narrowed its eyes at the wyngling and braced itself. Ozzie slammed down onto it, biting and scratching. But the coatala was stronger, it knocked him off and began clawing at his body. Ozzie shrieked and kicked. The coatala dropped its prey to bite Ozzie. Eventually it backed away, knowing Ozzie would now be too weak to fight back. It stared for a moment, then picked up its prey, beginning to walk away. Ozzie gave a low growl, trying to pull himself up to continue fighting, but his paws gave out, and he laid on the ground. The wounds weren't deep enough to form scars, but they stung, and the struggle had left him very weak. Ozzie wailed in defeat and grief. He covered his head with his paws, the screeching. It was too much now. So much greif. So much mourning. It was all too loud, it hurt his ears. He just wanted it to all stop. He wanted someone to come and craddle him like he never had before. His heart ached for something to love him. He whimpered and curled up into a ball, flinching. The cold stabbed his body at all angles, it was all too much.

(2x2 full bodies, 1x1 bust, 1 BG)
6/246 Wyn
I Am Gro (Toxy,Wyngro,Punsheen,Photoshop)
Yes you are Toxy, yes you are. No wyns for this! This was just for fun : D
Owned Trio (Swallow,Pandorica,Thorn,LostColony)
Another Photoshop pic in the Punsheen style! I own all of these lil cats! Swallowheart, Pandorica and Thornpaw!! : D
Hey! (Toxic,Sox,Punsheen,Cats,Photoshop)
Toxic stop pestering your bro! I decided to try this style, and I like it! I made lil variations on it so it wouldn't look EXACTLY the same ^w^
Opposites (Bramble,Swallow,LostColony,Photoshop)
Decided to draw these boys cuz they're polar opposites personality wise x3

Bramblegaze is owned by: DesLove
Agilident How dare you ;_;

0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 
5) Post these rules

1. This is you

Talonflame| Lol cool

2. This pokemon is your rival


3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you

Shellos| Why does a slug love a fire bird?

4. This pokemon is stalking you

Goomy| Oh'd be pretty good at it ;_;

5. This pokemon just stole your cake


6. This is your Lab partner

Decidueye| Cool, he sorta looks like a scientist

7. This is your best friend

Miltank| Omg plz no

8. This pokemon is about to fight you

Incineroar| JESUS, But I can fly : >

9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

Scraggy| Were baggy pants not enough for you

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house

Carbink| Awww..but it's a rock type, help ;_;

11. This pokemon is your pet

Togetic| AWWW YEEEEE!!!

12. This is your new roommate

Shinx| YESSSSSS!!! : D

13. This is your new boss

Floette| Seems nice enough

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night


15. This pokemon is scared of you


16. This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you


17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night

Rhydon| Can't it look after itself? Owo

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head

Wartortle| YESSSSSS!!! : D

19. This pokemon envies you

Tapu Lele
Tapu Lele| WHY?!

20. Use this pokemon to tag some people

Vanillish| Here's some ice cream to deal with the horror : >

  • Listening to: Music/Youtube
  • Reading: Multiple Things
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

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Vex2001 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think they are bad.:) I think they are good.:) You know I would like to make Seelkadoom vs. Nazo picture and I can't find any good picture of Seelkadoom and this picture is good enough for Seelkadoom vs. Nazo picture in my opinion.^^; I know you're not proud of those images but you can get something from me.:) I have lots of friends that they could watch you and they would support you to make some really great drawings,etc.:)
Spyrofan00lover Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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